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15 Best Mattresses on Amazon you want to buy Right now + Reviews

15 Best Mattresses on Amazon you want to buy Right now + Reviews

15 Best Mattresses on Amazon you want to buy Right now + Reviews
15 Best Mattresses on Amazon
15 Best Mattresses on Amazon

15 Best Mattresses on Amazon you want to buy Right now Are you in the market for a drone? A $400,000 necklace? Amazon’s got it. But how about mattresses? Amazon features hundreds of great mattress choices, but how do you navigate shopping for such an important purchase on this online platform?

With so many choices it could be hard to decipher which bed is the top rated bed on Amazon. This article helps break down some of your choices by selecting some of our favorites in a few different categories that could be potentially helpful for you as the shopper.

If you make a selection and want to know more, be sure to check out 15 Best Mattresses on Amazon you want to buy Right now list below.

15 Best Mattresses on Amazon you want to buy Right now

1. Zinus Green Tea 12″ – Great Value

15 Best Mattresses on Amazon you want to buy Right now + Reviews

Bed-in-a-box options are typically more affordable and a convenient purchasing option, though many customers often complain about the way they smell when they come out of the box.

The Zinus Green Tea 12-inch mattress was constructed to avoid this problem. The bed’s foams are embedded with green tea and charcoal for a fresh sleeping experience right out of the box.

What is unique? Shoppers might be highly attracted to this product’s sales tag. When considering the quality memory foam that has gone into this option, it could be hard to shy away from such a great deal. The brand is able to reach this price point because they sell online and box their products for convenient and affordable shipping.

In addition to a fresh-smelling bed, the construction of the Zinus Green Tea mattress was built to promote airflow. This not only keeps your product smelling great but should also help to keep you cool during the night.

2. LUCID 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

15 Best Mattresses on Amazon you want to buy Right now
15 Best Mattresses on Amazon you want to buy Right now

Over 300 five-star reviewers use the word “firm” to describe this mattress, but that doesn’t mean it’s uncomfortable, even for the price. “To my surprise, this mattress is way more comfortable than I thought it would be,” one user who put this in their guest bedroom says. “All of our family that comes into town raves about how comfy the mattress is, and how good they slept.” Another admits, “Although it is a pretty ‘skinny’ mattress, and at first I was troubled it wouldn’t be able to do the job,

I was pleasantly surprised.” Reviewers also say this mattress fits in an RV perfectly. “Purchased this mattress to replace our RV lift bed mattress due to the same size and hoping not too thick to latch,” one writes, adding, “It fit fine.” Due to its relatively thin width, many also use it as a mattress topper. “I just put it on top of my mattress and I’ve been having the best sleep of my life,” one writes, adding, “I have back issues and it is firm but still curves to your body in all the right ways!” Another user who bought this for their guest bedroom says their husband “loves the spare bed more than out really expensive mattress,” which makes them regret their five-star rating. “Maybe I should rate this mattress a one so others don’t lose their mate to a different bed!”

3. Linenspa 10″ – Latex Hybrid

15 Best Mattresses on Amazon you want to buy Right now

Linenspa sells a wide variety of different products on Amazon and if you search for a mattress, they are likely to be one of the first options to pop up.

The brand has successfully marketed their beds at a competitive price and their products are getting great reviews.

What makes it special? The company’s 10-inch latex hybrid option should be an excellent choice for those looking for the bounce and support that latex and coils provide. The bed is topped off with 3 inches of foam and latex with a system of individually encased coils at the foundation.

The latex and coils in this bed should offer a good amount of bounce that works great for combination sleepers who switch positions during the night. This bed could also work great in a guest room as it is affordable and is built to appease sleepers of varying sleeping positions and body types.

4. Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 6 Inch Mattress, Queen

15 Best Mattresses on Amazon you want to buy Right now
15 Best Mattresses on Amazon you want to buy Right now

Over 10,000 reviewers give this memory-foam mattress five stars, and many note that they love the firm feel. “Let me tell you, this thing is like a spongy cloud from dreamland,” one user writes. “It envelopes you in, but allows you to escape without too much effort.” One reviewer thinks the mattress is so firm that they say it’s “not super-obvious that it’s memory foam and I don’t feel like I’m sinking into it like other memory-foam beds I have seen.” Another says, “When you lay on the bed it’s a slow sink in, it’s firm but once you settle you feel it contour to your body.” Another describes it as, “a FIRM foam mattress but with a soft feel,” adding, “It supports me (230 pounds) and did not sag as some foam toppers do.” Even those with injured backs have positive things to say about this mattress.

“My mother, who is in her 60s and has back problems, slept on it (in 2017) and she said it was the most comfortable mattress she’s ever slept on — and this is coming from a woman who bought new mattresses like crazy for years because they all failed to support her back,” one reviewer writes.

5. Sleep on Latex PureGreen™ – Eco-friendly

15 Best Mattresses on Amazon you want to buy Right now
15 Best Mattresses on Amazon you want to buy Right now

Sleep on Latex claims to be the largest mattress retailer for latex beds in the USA.

The company stands by their latex by stating it is the best in the world, coming straight from the rubber trees of Sri Lanka.

Why does it make the list? PureGreen™ not only carries latex certifications form both Oeko-Tex and eco-Institut, the organic New Zealand wool and organic cotton are both GOTS certified. Each bed is hand sewn and packaged in the USA by the company’s production team.

If these details do not already have you ready to save the earth one bed at a time, not only does this product reduce your carbon footprint but it should also be a great sleep option for premium pressure relief and support. The soft knit cotton cover is both stretchy and durable, allowing the buoyant latex to effectively conform to each sleeper unique body type.

6. Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress — Queen

15 Best Mattresses on Amazon you want to buy Right now
15 Best Mattresses on Amazon you want to buy Right now

“Avoid the ‘dead’ feel of a completely memory foam mattress AND the harsh ‘springs in your back’ feel of a just spring mattress by buying this,” writes one reviewer of this hybrid mattress, which uses both foam and springs for support. “This is the perfect marriage of traditional spring and foam,” one reviewer explains, while another says, “The foam topping is great and the spring base seems to keep you from sinking in too much.” In fact, the most common complaint among reviewers is that they’re getting too much sleep with this mattress. “It’s been less than a week since I started using this mattress and I’m very close to failing my classes because I keep oversleeping,” one user writes. They add, “I usually take evening naps and they used to be two hours and now they’ve gone up to five because it’s far too comfortable.”

7. Sleep Innovations 12″ – Memory Foam

15 Best Mattresses on Amazon you want to buy Right now

Sleep Innovations has a strong belief that one mattress is not the end-all solution and their wide range of products displays that belief.

They rely highly on scientific testing to construct mattresses that leave sleepers comfortable and supported.

Their Shiloh mattress aims to foster top-notch pressure relief at a price well below some other brands.

What is so great about it? Sleepers rest on a 2.5-inch memory foam comfort layer that should help wash away annoying strain that builds up while sleeping. Beneath this is a supportive base layer that helps to keep the body well alligned.It has a Medium feel that has been rated to work for a wide scope of sleeping positions and body types.

This product is made in the USA and is furnished with a quilted cover that was designed to have a luxurious feel. If memory foam on a budget sounds like your style, looking into this option may be worth your time.

8. Modway Aveline 8” Gel Infused Memory Foam Queen Mattress With CertiPUR-US Certified Foam

15 Best Mattresses on Amazon you want to buy Right now

Over 300 five-star reviewers describe this mattress as firm. As one declares, “I enjoy firm mattresses and this is a firm mattress. So, if that is not your preference then this is not the mattress for you.” Another says, “I like sleeping on a firm surface and this is really incredible,” explaining, “It has just a little give with a little bounce but is over all firm.” While many agree that it is firm, they also say it eventually conforms to your body. “At first it seemed really firm which worried me, but after sleeping in it, it is soooo comfy and has gotten just a little bit softer,” one writes, while another says, “It is pretty firm at first but once you lay in it for a few minutes, your body heat will soften it up and then it just kind of molds into your shape and is so comfy.”

9. Dynasty Cool Breeze – Cooling

If you love the comfort of memory foam but hate how hot it can sleep, your solution may be the Dynasty Cool Breeze Mattress.

Sometimes the company likes to throw in some free-with-purchase sleep accessories for mattresses sold on Amazon.

What makes this mattress so cool? Dynasty is topped off with 3 inches of memory foam with an infused cooling gel. Beneath this are two 2-inch layers of convoluted AirFlow foams to help enhance circulation. These components make it a suitable choice for those looking for cool sleeping memory foam bed.

The foams in this bed specialize in pressure relief and should work great for sleepers of varying body types and sleeping positions. This option could be especially worth your interest if you are a side sleeper seeking better pressure relief. Side sleepers often experience pressure buildup in their shoulders and hips and the foams in this bed could help wash away the nagging strain.

10. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – 12 Inch Chime Express Hybrid Innerspring – Firm Mattress – Bed in a Box – Queen

“Plush” is used by dozens of reviewers to describe this mattress. “It is very supportive but so plush and soft at the same time,” one writes, adding, “ Like sleeping on a marshmallow.” Another describes it as “firm, but still has a small soft plush top to it.” They add, “It just feels like a cloud sometimes.” Dozens of reviewers also mention that this is great for plus-size people and those with back pain. “I bought it for my son who has back problems,” one user notes. “He’s a big guy and he woke up EVERY DAY in pain … except the two days he’s been on this mattress.” Another happy customer who “was around 430 pounds when I bought this mattress” says that after seven months of using this mattress, it “still feels wonderful. There is no sagging, compression, or loss of quality.” The one concern that a majority of users mention is how heavy the package is. “As a reminder the shipping weight is around 100 pounds,” one reviewer calls out. “You may need assistance moving it in place.”

11. Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Gel Memory Foam 10-Inch Mattress, Queen

Reviewers love the cooling-gel foam layer that tops this foam mattress, with one calling it “a mattress as cold and hard as my heart.” They add, “You can feel the cooling gel over the sheets. If you’re a hot sleeper, I highly recommend.” Others agree on this mattress’s ability to keep sleepers from overheating, like this satisfied customer who writes, “I loved the fact that it stays cool, so I had no issues sleeping. Before this bed, I would usually feel my body sweating and overheating in the night, so it was near impossible to sleep.” Says another, “Let me tell you, I am a very hot sleeper living in Houston, Texas. With no pads or anything other than a sheet, this mattress didn’t feel hot at all.” One reviewer cites the cooling gel as the reason for this effect, saying that it “does not hold in my body heat like my old mattress, and I no longer wake up during the night drenched in sweat.” And one customer concludes, “No more back pain, and the cooling gel is wonderful if you experience night sweats and hot flashes.”

12 Tuft & Needle Mattress – Queen

“My back thanks you,” one reviewer writes. They continue, “I had been having issues with lower back pain in the mornings. The first night I slept on this, I sat up on the edge of the bed, and stood up with absolutely zero pain.” Others agree that this Tuft & Needle mattress can alleviate many types of back pain, including this reviewer who sees a clear effect on their quality of sleep: “I wake up in the middle of the night from back pain often. Since I’ve been using this Tuft & Needle I haven’t woken up once with back pain.” Writes yet another, “While I know it won’t cure my arthritis, I am not in as much pain when I get out of bed each morning.” Many reviewers are also impressed with the firmness of this mattress

“The textured fabric cover felt plush to the touch, and when I pressed my open hand down on the mattress, it bounced back with a friendly spring,” she writes in our guide to the best mattresses to buy online. “Lying on the Tuft & Needle for the first time, I immediately felt embraced. Sleeping on my back, I felt supported and cocooned at the same time, and when I turned to my side, the transition felt natural.”

13. Signature Sleep Memoir 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress with CertiPUR-US certified foam, Queen

“The best part is there is hardly any transfer of movement if there are two people in the bed, which is great for light sleepers,” one satisfied reviewer writes of this Signature Sleep mattress, while another says, “My husband and I are amazed at how still the bed remains when one of us gets up, or rolls over.” They add, “The other person in the bed feels no movement at all.” Another attests that this mattress is “SO comfortable. Not so soft that I completely sink into the mattress, but still very soft and plush at the surface.” But like many other reviewers, they say, “The best part is that I can’t feel/hear my boyfriend get up in the middle of the night or in the morning.

I am an extremely light sleeper — on our last mattress (spring mattress) I could feel/hear every move he made and I never slept completely sound because of it.” One word of warning from reviewers to future customers, however: Let the mattress fully rise before sleeping on it to get the full experience. One impatient user who didn’t wait reported some discomfort the first night, but adds “by the third night I was sleeping in heaven!”

14. Classic Brands Cool Gel 1.0 Ultimate Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress

Many plus-size reviewers love this bed for providing them equal amounts of comfort and support. “We are both just over 200 pounds and didn’t want something that would not support us and fall apart quickly,” one user writes. “We don’t feel like this one will do that … We feel rested and not aching almost every morning. So far so very good.” Another says, “It is firm enough to provide support — my husband and I aren’t small people, but it is so comfortable.” They add, “We sink into the mattress just enough to feel comfortable, but not so much that we feel we have to crawl out of the mattress to get up.” Lots of other reviewers appreciate the cooling gel in this mattress, which helps one reviewer share a bed with a sweaty partner: “He sweats at night (nothing worse than waking up to a soaked bed) but this one has eliminated that.” A few reviewers also like this mattress because it is compatible with an adjustable bed frame. “After opening the box, I got the plastic-wrapped compressed mattress on top of my adjustable massaging bed frame (bought in 1990),” writes one reviewer, noting, “My bed raises up and down with no problem, and the massage vibrations work great through it.”

15. Signature Sleep Mattress, 8 Inch Coil Mattress, Queen Size Mattresses

“Side effects from use of this mattress include sleepiness, comfort, lack of motivation to start and or/conclude your day, short term comatose lasting up to 8 hours, and episodes of missing time,” one user warns. Beyond being comfortable, a word used in over 6,500 five-star reviews,

this mattress is also described as durable, and many reviewers chalk that up to the fact that this mattress is easy to rotate or flip. “We have turned the mattress over 3 times since we received it, which is another great feature that the popular and more expensive pillow top mattresses don’t have — you can turn it over,” one reviewer writes, noting, “Being able to turn the mattress over extends the life.”

Another reviewer says they have “had the mattress almost a year, flip it every few months and there are no ‘sunken’ spots or anything.” Users also like that this mattress has coils. “The springs are individually pocketed, which meant nothing to me until I lay down on it. The movement doesn’t transfer across the mattress like a traditional coil mattress. I wouldn’t try the ‘jump with a glass of wine on your bed’ trick that the memory-foam commercials always show, but it does a good job of absorbing energy.” Another thinks this “has the perfect mix,” saying, “It’s firm enough so that you don’t sink in, yet it gives in all the right spots for support.”

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