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New Year, New Office | Centsational Style

New Year, New Office | Centsational Style

In 2018 I was feeling stuck and distracted and lacking real focus. A feeling kept nagging at me, that I needed to be transplanted to a new space in order for my business and my designs to advance and grow.

I’ve worked from home for ten years because I wanted to be close when my kids were little, but they’re not little anymore! They’re teenagers now so last year I started thinking about having a separate office space that belonged to only me, where I could focus and think without distraction, where I could grow and thrive in my own universe. Last November I found a studio space, took a risk, signed the lease, and decided to move forward into a new office space in 2019, one I could call my very own.

I finally put the finishing touches on my new office, come on in!



I kept the palette simplified: white, black, green, and gold, I find this medley calming yet sophisticated too. There are a dozen plus plant babies in this space. Being surrounded by greenery is inspiring to me. I wanted to put a big yucca tree in the corner behind me but when I added the trio of work tables it wouldn’t fit so I settled on potted plants and wall hangers instead.




I’ve had the same desk for seven years, it’s worked well for me so there was no reason to upgrade! It proved to be the perfect size for floating in the center of the office. (I only have my laptop here for now, but in a few days I’m bringing over my desktop.)



My son helped me assemble this white leather office chair, it’s so affordable and had great reviews which is why I bought it. I agree, it’s very comfortable, the perfect desk chair for long hours sitting at a computer!


Behind the chair is my travel inspired artwork and do you spy my 2019 printable desk calendars?





I bought three of the same paulo bookshelves for the office space, they are shallow, great quality, and easy to assemble, and they’re the perfect style for this space! One hangs out on the left wall of the office, and other two on the right wall.





I’ve loved the saying, “she’s whiskey in a teacup” since I saw this framed print in a second hand shop years ago, long before Reese made if popular with her book. A woman who is classic and lovely on the outside but strong and sassy on the inside —> ha ha yep, that’s me. 🙂





The bamboo shades are Levolor from Lowes, cut to fit the window in the store, and much warmer than the dusty old mini blinds. I have a nice view from this space, and a lemon tree just outside!



I added a set of three Linnmon desks from IKEA to wrap around the back wall, which gives me plenty of room for office supplies, they also make great surfaces for small DIY craft projects. The gold wall grid is another new addition, it’s perfect for rotating photos or inspiration!







Remember when I wrote about my search for the perfect semi flush mount fixture? This gold space age fixture is the one I picked, I love it so much, a little bit retro but contemporary too.



You’ve seen this view before in my post about my quest for finding the perfect green. The rattan chair is a new accent, nice to have when visitors pop in during office hours.





This space was designed as a place for me to work but also to reflect the things I love, and honestly, it’s made me come alive again. This place stimulates my creativity, gives me greater clarity, and adds to my overall sense of happiness.



It would have been easier for me to stay in my comfort zone, to continue working from home but as previously expressed, I wasn’t growing, I wasn’t inspired, I needed something new, a fresh start!



I truly believe in life you’ve got to take risks, embrace new opportunities, and say yes to new adventures. It’s when you push yourself outside your comfort zone, that’s where the magic happens. That’s why I’m excited to be in this new space, I’ve got a feeling 2019 will be an amazing year!



I’ve listed as many sources as I can, if you have any questions for me, let me know!

whitewashed wood bookshelf / x base desk / black & white rug

executive office chair / rattan accent chair / semi flush mount fixture

gold watering can /paint color / gold wall grid /marble stapler

dry erase board / larger wall planter / small wall planters


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