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Where to learn to code in San Francisco

Where to learn to code in San Francisco

Where to learn to code in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the top cities in terms of harboring innovation in the United States. According to this Bloomberg report, approximately 68,000 workers in the city’s tech sector. We can also see in this CBRE report that there has been a significant influx of new tech companies in San Francisco. 

This growth in the tech market prompts the need to recruit professionals in the fields of software, web, and mobile development. Therefore, the number of institutions teaching these skills has significantly. According to this SanFranciscoBootcamps report, more than 3,000 people are learning JavaScript in San Francisco.

There are many options and some people may have difficulty in deciding which coding skills to learn. We came up with this list to highlight some of the best schools to learn coding skills in San Francisco.

App Academy

This San Francisco based coding school offers short-term and long-term boot camps where you can learn skills such as iOS and backend development, among others. 

The best thing about App Academy is that the school is novice-friendly – you won’t need any coding experience. Besides, App Academy doesn’t select students based on how much they can pay. It chooses students based on potential knowledge and skills. It’s what they call a merit-based admission. App Academy aims to have an up-to-date curriculum in line with current coding trends. Its immersive software engineer bootcamp lasts 16 weeks.


Do you want to learn to code for a data science career? Then you should consider Metis. Its 12-week program provides students with all the required skills to land a job in data science. Metis won Switchup’s ‘Best Data Science Bootcamp’ award, so this could give you an idea of how complete its courses are. 

However, Metis differs from App Academy because the former does require prior experience or knowledge in coding or statistics. So before you apply, you should at least familiarize yourself with data science and engineering terms. Doing so would ensure that you’ll get accepted at Metis.

Flatiron school

Flatiron School knows that coding covers a lot of ground in the tech industry. That’s why they offer a variety of coding bootcamps that teach software engineering, front-end development and other subjects. Flatiron teaches a wide range of coding languages so students are proficient in solving various development challenges with different coding languages. Some of the things you’ll learn in Flatiron Schools are JavaScript, product management, and object-oriented programming.

Most of these coding schools work with flexible payment methods, so this is something you should consider if you’re looking for a good school in San Francisco, but currently unable to pay for it. App Academy even has an option that allows you to start your Bootcamp with zero investment until you get hired. This is great if you don’t feel financially prepared. Besides, the employment rate for most of these schools is really high. Let’s take Flatiron School for example. According to its homepage, Flatiron School has a 93% employment rate. So all you have to do is give it a try and go for that dream job in tech.

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